Aqua Peeling

New Service Alert!

Super deep cleansing AND Hydration!

Let’s get the gunk out of your pores and make your skin dewy and hydrated. In this facial I use award winning Hale & Hush skincare for sensitive skin. There is a 30 minute and a 1 hour option. The 30 minute consists of cleanse, Aqua Peel, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. The 1 hour option adds in enzymes to break down the cornified layer of skin, open the pores and soften the skin and a treatment mask to nourish and help rebuild the skin. Book your treatment today! ❤️

Be my BFF! (Brow Friends Forever)

You may not realize this but your brows are the most important feature on your face. Your brows are the first thing people will notice when you enter a room and as we’ve seen on social media, the first thing someone will make a funny meme of! Let’s not let that happen. When you make an appointment for a brow wax, your wax artist should be a licensed professional and she (or he) take her time. You should never “squeeze” in a quick wax. Your shape will change with each appointment due to the regrowth and many times an arch will need to be recreated each visit. I like to take upwards of 30 minutes for a beautiful set of eyebrows. I love when we add a tint service to a brow wax for a complete brow make over. Don’t go to someone because they’re cheap, go to someone for their quality of wax and their experience. Find someone you like and trust and your wax artist will become your new BFF!

Holiday BFF offer!

Vacay and WIP Lips

I have been MIA recently due to a long overdue and much needed vacation! In our off time We LOVE hiking and kayaking. This trip was for my birthday, Father’s Day, rest and relaxation! My Lovey Man (and wonderful partner in crime) and I just got back from the Appalachian foot hills and hiking at 3 Forks on the AT. It was somewhat of a working vacation for both of us. He was taking and placing artwork in some amazing places and I shared my services with some wonderful friends of my mom and dad.

Shhh… Lovey Man 👆🏻

Enough about me 😊! We are back to work.

One of my amazing clients/friend is getting married!!! 👰 I was so happy to giver her a beautiful set of nail enhancements for her wedding (sigh 😍).

Below is a work in progress for a new treatment for enhancing lips. Restoring volume and creating deeply hydrated plump lips. This is 2 treatments 1 week apart.

This will be a future treatment option using a nano tip on my needling pen.

For the perfect start of a holiday weekend!


French mani’s are still a classic favorite and made even better with the long lasting gel polish.


Such a busy day today!  And ending with 3 ladies in for a day of beauty package.  I know you probably can’t tell but my Spa table is triple  layered for this busy day and for fast changeover in the treatment room.



beYoutiful Brows!

70D541D8-D2E0-4F8E-812B-372A908B8A62I love days that start like this!  This is my clients second brow tint service with me and to say she was pleased would be an understatement.  Her Brows were so fair it didn’t look like she had any. We used Refectocil graphite with just a smidge of natural brown. The results were amazing!

Tigers Eye and Zoya Red Nails

Gel nails, tapered shape (on wide nails), and Tigers Eye Gel Polish. We used a purple base color then a pewter tigers eye on top. Such a pretty effect.

This is a Zoya Red, so well loved that the name has been rubbed off. I do not do new Client acrylic nails anymore, but this is one of my long standing acrylic clients that I have not moved over to gels yet.

I had a couple more mani/pedi services today but the bulk of my day was taking classes! Some of what I did today was a refresher on things I already knew and some gave me my ah HA moment as the information clicked into place. I watched fabulous webinar on face mapping giving me new insight on acne, the difference between age spots and liver spots, Causes and treatments for melasma, rosacea, and so much more. I can’t wait to put this to practice. I took a class on Retailing for skincare and then watched 2 other webinars on nano-needling and microcurrent. Fabulous information, ideas and techniques to be tried. Have I said yet how much I love what I do?

Happy New Year!

Each new year brings us an opportunity to create fresh. A time to implement new ideas and move past things that don’t work. New Year’s Day for us in The Ocala area of Florida was rainy and getting colder by the minute. It was a day to be inside for sure. I got out of bed before the rest of my crew and put on some coffee. I started going through my FaceBook feed and clicked on a couple of webinars that interested me. One was only a few minutes away so I took the opportunity to listen in. It was motivational and inspired me to keep looking further into things I can do to improve my mind/body/spirit and business. I found some amazing emails in my inbox. I found some amazing motivators in one of my facial groups. I took out my calendar and started plotting goals and creating my todo list. By the time my household started stirring I had the webinar under my belt, committed to reading a trade book with one of my facial groups (and ordered the next trade book for the next reading project) and had my whole week plotted out. After reading the first 2 chapters of the trade book, I looked at my numbers from 2017 and which services were more popular, which ones I want to drop, which ones I wanted to promote more and which ones I honestly enjoy more… and started plotting my marketing for the direction I want to go. I am dual licensed for skin care and nail services. I love learning new modalities and how to use my skin care knowledge for my hand and foot care. I love both nails and skin for different reasons and mostly for the diversity they and the industry offer me in my career. Watch out 2018, here I come!

Continuing Ed

Continuing education is important to me. Either learning something new or as a refresher. We are blessed that there are some really great skincare companies and trade journals that offer courses online. I was able to do 3 online courses today. 2 for skin and 1 for nails. The 2 for Skin I passed the tests and the 1 for nails the website is messed up and I’ll have to try the test again tomorrow. Le sigh. But what was cool about one of the skin courses and the nail course was that they were about the same thing (dry winter skin and eczema) and reminded me how my skin care license renewed my love for nail, hand and foot care AND will make me a better nail tech and give me new treatment ideas. The other skin care course was skin, nutrition and hormones. Even though I passed I think I’ll revisit the course next week and add to my notes. At the end of the day all 3 were great and I was able to learn and better understand some things I’ve previously learned. ❤️

Sneaking up to Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and it caught me off guard! I have amazing clients. They are a part of my extended family and I love each person. I wish I had more time to devote to writing today but we have some Christmas catching up to do before we head off for our vacation to spend time with our family. Here’s to a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. I hope Santa treats you all very good and God bless you and your families!